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Our water treatment process of stopping corrosion in pipes uses safe minerals. The timeline below outlines a brief history of the use of these minerals in England and Canada. Our program relies on local Drinking Water utilities to provide potable water to our clients. We add our treatment chemical to prevent corrosion only; in no way changing the chlorine treatment already provided for disinfection purposes by your public water utility.

Today, LEaC Shield offers…

How LEaC Shield Compares to Epoxy Coating

We stop pinholes in all your pipe.  Not just in hot water risers in public corridors.  All horizontal pipes, all vertical pipes, and all apartment suite pipes are protected for the remaining life of the building.

Epoxy coatings can fail spectacularly in many ways.  During the initial application something can go wrong inside the pipes, when maintenance is completed the epoxy can be damaged, and over time as corrosion occurs in pipe not coated.

The installation and maintenance cost of our water treatment program is a small fraction of the cost to inject an epoxy coating in all your pipe. Future plumbing needs in your water pipes can be met by any plumber, using standard methods, including a torch, as we only treat the water; epoxy coating companies must complete all future plumbing work in your building to maintain their warranty.

We do not modify, nor change the existing water pipe structure in any way.  Epoxy coatings change the water pipe; once it is used, any future leaks require the coated pipe to be removed and replaced.

Our water treatment method has been used by many Ontario Public Water Utilities to prevent corrosion of their own water pipes. Sodium Silicate as a water treatment chemical, is currently used in many apartment buildings, condominiums, and schools across North & South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Sodium Silicate is a remarkably safe mineral, approved for use in food, drinking water, and even hand & facial cosmetics for about one hundred years without any restrictions on chemical make-up. Approved by Health Canada, Health Dept. (W. Australia), the World Health Organization, The United Nations, and the USA Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control, and National Institutes of Health, amongst many other governmental agencies too numerous to list herein.

Epoxy coatings require special approval, and it must be renewed regularly.

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