Serving Ontario Canada

Applicable Law, Regulations and Standards for Ontario drinking water:

All LEaC Shield food-grade certified minerals comply with the Law, Standards, and Regulations listed above and have no adverse environmental or health impact. Drinking water sources and many foods produced throughout the Great Lakes region naturally contain these minerals. See this link to an important independent report on the health benefits of Silica in drinking water. This report was recently completed for the City of Longview WA, USA. Their drinking water regularly has 15 times the amount of silica that LEaC Shield uses to protect pipes here in Ontario.

A sampling of municipalities within Ontario & Quebec that make use of sodium silicate in their drinking water supply, serving all residential, commercial and institutional customer(s), includes:



See the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers' Engineering Bluebook for additional information.

Toronto also prevents corrosion in its citizen's drinking water. Learn more about Toronto's corrosion control efforts.

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