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November 2017

Water Pipe Pinhole Leak Prevention



  1. Provide New Pipe throughout the entire water system. Cost is about $6,000 per suite.
    Installation takes five days per suite. New pipe may last 25 years.
  2. Provide Epoxy throughout the entire water pipe system. Cost is about $4,500 per suite.
    Installation takes two days per suite. Epoxy Coated pipe may last 25 years, at which time, new pipe is needed to maintain a pinhole leak-free environment. Epoxy Coating can only be completed once within a pipe.

  3. Provide a food-grade additive, (mineral film), within the entire water pipe system; including risers, mechanical room spaces, and into each individual suite. Cost is about $1,500 per suite, over twenty-five year's use.
    Entire installation takes six hours. As long as the Mineral Film is maintained, pinhole leaks are stopped.

    Both "New Pipe" and "Epoxy Coating" price quotes are often much less than the budget values noted above.
    The reason is simple. A lot of the original pipe is not being included. Often, the pipe within each suite is left out of the project entirely. Just as often, not all of the common area riser and mechanical room pipe is included.
    A partial pipe replacement or epoxy coating project leads to corrosion damage in the remaining original or uncoated pipe and pinhole leaks are sure to follow. In addition, demolition and repairs are often not included.
    Further, while it may be true that pinhole leaks in suites are not the concern of the Property Management personnel or Owner's directly; it may become a serious problem as time passes.
    Individual suite owners may repair their own pinhole leaks well. Individual Homeowner's Insurance policies may provide adequate financial compensation for damage caused by leaks. However, water damage claims are often denied outright by an Insurance Company, or, there is a very large deductible applied to the homeowner.

    See the following internet link discussing Homeowner's Insurance coverage of pinhole leaks; especially item #9.

    Please note that all Reputable Epoxy Coating companies can apply their Epoxy successfully in the future, in the speculated absence of LEaC Shield.

    Useful Life Cost Comparison

    1. New Pipe Installation occurs in year twenty-six, and every twenty-five years thereafter.

          Total 100 year building lifetime cost per suite equals $18,000
    2. Epoxy Coating Installation occurs in year twenty-six, and then New Pipe is installed every twenty-five years thereafter.

          Total 100 year building lifetime cost per suite equals $16,500
    3. LEaC Shield Mineral Film Installation starts in year twenty-six. The initial installation cost plus monthly servicing costs for 25 years amounts to $1,500 per suite. The following two 25 year intervals will each cost $1,250 per suite.

          Total 100 year building lifetime estimated cost per suite equals $4,000


    1. Pinholes are first dealt with in the 25th year, (then again in the 50th and 75th year for New Pipe or Epoxy Coating)
    2. New Pipe or Epoxy Coating may last up to 25 years; though the actual life of epoxy or new pipe is often quite short
    3. LEaC Shield average cost per building is used and inflation is not included

July 2017

Toronto Condo News: Pinhole Leaks - A Leading Cause of Water Damage in Condo Buildings

Noted Comment: Pinhole leaks in water pipes are a leading cause of water damage in condo buildings.

In high-rise buildings pinhole leaks will happen. Unless proactive measures are taken, the frequency of pinhole leaks will increase as a building ages.

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June 2015

Noted Comment: LEaC Shield is pleased to announce that we currently prevent pinhole leaks in buildings that had previously injected an Epoxy Coating into their water pipes. Oftentimes, Epoxy Coatings are only installed in small sections of the entire water pipe system. In other instances, the Epoxy Coating is only injected into "some" of the larger water pipe sections, specifically "some" of the hot water riser and re-circulation pipe sections; leaving the smaller diameter pipe within the apartment suites exposed to further corrosion and the resulting pinhole leaks.

When only "some" of the water pipes are Epoxy Coated, pinhole leaks are allowed to develop. This unpleasant situation is almost always an inevitable result of a partial Epoxy Coating job, "as you can't protect what you don't coat". This is why we have been invited to overlay our food-grade mineral over the entire water pipe system. We maintain a thin film over all exposed metal within the entire pipe system. By design, we will not interact nor interfere with the existing Epoxy Coating you already have.

So, if you have started using Epoxy in your building, let LEaC Shield protect the remainder of your pipe as if the Epoxy wasn't even there. We shall do this for you at minimal expense. In just a few days, you can experience the Leak-Free life-style that LEaC Shield provides - Guaranteed!

May 2015

Breaking News: LEaC Shield has now re-confirmed the effectiveness of our program to reduce lead content in drinking water within school water pipes. We were invited to help a local School District remove their "Stop Drinking Work Order", received from the local Public Health office last August (2014).

This very large Secondary school, built in the 1920's, was found to have a lead content in its drinking water that exceeded the allowable limit by more than 50 parts per billion (ppb). The drinking fountains were disabled, water faucets and sinks were disabled and isolated from the students, and bottled water was to be used for all teachers and students in the upcoming school term. This was going to be very expensive.

After implementing our program, (over a period of eight weeks), the "Stop Drinking Work Order" was rescinded by the Public Health office. This time period included all the mandatory water testing required by governing authorities.

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