Serving Ontario Canada

A well-known solution for many water pipe problems...

Toronto, Laval, Montreal, Peterborough, and many other public drinking water suppliers apply a food-grade mineral onto existing drinking water pipes serving all their customers.

LEaC Shield also prevents pinhole leaks by...

Continuously coating the inside of your water pipes with a food-grade mineral.

The LEaC Shield Process:

Step 1: Provide a free assessment of your building's water distribution system. This assessment is completed in one day.

Step 2: Issue a Report which will describe typical pipe leak problems. The report shall provide the cost to implement a solution tailored to your building's unique conditions. This report is provided in 1 week.

Step 3: Implement our program. This involves: a) adjusting water flow rates by installing balancing valves and modifying water pumps (only when truly needed), b) adjusting water temperatures (when beneficial), and c) installing our equipment; often within 1 week.

Benefits of the LEaC Shield Program:

Installation can happen very quickly; usually in one eight-hour period.

Water leaks are quickly stopped for the remaining life of your building. The life-time cost to prevent leaks is 25% of the cost to replace or epoxy coat your pipe. The initial investment to prevent leaks is 3% of the cost to epoxy coat or replace pipe. No need to significantly deplete your Capital Reserve Fund.

Excess Lead contamination within a building's copper pipe is eliminated.

Comparison of Pinhole Leak Repair Alternatives
Method of Pinhole Leak Repair Install New Pipe Epoxy-Line Existing Pipe
(see note 1 below chart)
LEaC Shield Pinhole Leak Prevention Program
Percentage of TOTAL Pipe Replacement Cost 100% 70-80% 3%, for installation cost.

Less than 25%, for total cost over 25 years
Guarantee / Warranty 1 year parts and labour At least 10 years, parts and labour. Some exclusions may apply Lifetime Leak-free Guarantee!

As long as LEaC Shield is maintained*
Expected Useful Life of Pinhole Leak Repair Process Used 5-25 years Check references to verify all written claims, especially if more than 10 years is claimed The remaining life of your building;

as long as LEaC Shield is maintained

*LEaC Shield Warranty - Terms and Conditions shall apply

Note 1: Please see this reference for a thorough engineering review of water pipe epoxy coating experiences.

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