LEaC Shield Explained

Are leaky pipes raining on your parade? Water damage is often the single largest expense for condo and apartment buildings. LEaC Shield protects all the domestic water pipes in your building and extends their life to the remaining life of your building.

Jim Lorenzen Introducing LEaC Shield

Jim Lorenzen explains how the LEaC Shield system works to protect your pipes from pinhole leaks. LEaC Shield has been trusted in over 150 buildings since 1985 and has saved one 90+ unit apartment building $600,000 out of their capital reserve fund.

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About LEaC Shield Ltd.

Founded in 1992, LEaC Shield is a family-owned engineering consultancy that provides water system consulting, engineering and master plumbing services throughout Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

We pride ourselves on our use of Canadian-made products, and we're excited to offer superior-quality water monitoring and control equipment through our sister company Water Shield.


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